Nobilis Bellator

Flat Tire...

Can anyone lend me a hand to change this tire?

View from Viña Herminia

Vignards of Aldeanueva De Ebro

Anybody home?

Entrance to his/her/it's house....

Before the Rain

How does it go, In Spain it never rains in the plane! Well I have words for you....

Coton Candy Skies

More vignards from Aldeanueva...

Pouring Rain

Proof it rains in Spain...

Fullmoon Over Aldeanueva

Been waiting a long time to catch this one....

Fullmoon over Aldeanueva Vignards

Fullmoon over Aldeanueva's vignards

View From Above

The Center of the Universe, for some...

Garden of Olives

Old olive tree in church plaza

Opening skies

Kickoff of the winter celebrations in Aldeanueva de Ebro, La Rioja

La Poda en Viña Herminia

Janurary is the ideal month in La Rioja to rim the vignards. The changing temparatures from low to high create waves of foggy mornings due to change of temperatures during the night. I was lucky to wake up to this phantomatic vision.

Lets count the barrels

Oof, too many to count, let's just drink it...

From here also...

Sit down relax and taste our wine

Great View from Viña Herminia

Sit down, relax and taste our wine...

You can see the Church

Sit down, Relax and taste our wine

This is were the treasure is...

A glance at the treasured wine

Welcome to Viña Herminia

Entrance to the bodega

Coming down...

View from circular staircase

Almost there...

End of the day….for me!

Bottoms up...

Stairway to Heaven

Waiting for its time to come..

Aging for wine is more recommended then for humans.

Going down…..

Red is the color of wine

Moonrise from within...

I love moon shots, big or small...


Been chasing this shot for months. Whether rain or clouds or too much wind moving the tripod I have not been able to catch the full moon in the spot I had in mind for months. Just came back from tonights moon hunt…;-)

Esmeraldaaa, where are you?

Moonrise over Notre Dame de Paris

Gotcha Take 2!

Amazing how fast the moon rises…..

From right….

Spiral staircase camera travel from right to left

To left….

End of camera movement from right to left. Extracted from a Timelapse Sequence that can be seen in this film:

Let me out a hereeee…..

Done for the day shooting here….


After spending too much time in a bodega, your vision goes somewhat round…;-)

Caught in a spiral….

Four levels of circular staircase. An impressive piece of architecture, in my opinion, which is why I am dedicating so much time to it.

This is the place...

From the main entrance we cross the main room where the barrels are being kept for months, sometime years and on to the spiral staircase...

More Barrels

Barrels stored underground to maintain required temperatures.

More Wine Please...

Barrels are kept underground to maintain required temperatures.

Men at work...

Moving barrels in bodega

Early bird get's the worm...

Early rise to catch the sun rising. The clouds only helped make the scene better. But you can only see that in latter shots….


Men don't like shoping, but they love cookies!

Storks are back...

View of the Church tower and nesting Storks.

Silence please….aaaand action!

Interior of church in Aldeanueva de Ebro, La Rioja

Storks are back

View of the nesting Storks

Let The Sunshine in...

Aldeanueva de Ebro, La Rioja, Spain,

Ooops it's gonna rain….

Aldeanueva de Ebro, La Rioja, Spain

From day….

First frame from a Timelapse sequence under construction...


Interior view of Church in Aldeanueva de Ebro


Interior view in Aldeanueva Church

Rainbow 4

Rainbow from Aldeanueva

Rainbow 3

Rainbow from Aldeanueva 2

Rainbow from Aldeanueva

Early morning Rainbow

Birth of a Rainbow

One end of the Rainbow in formation

The Origin of a rainbow

Is there really a pot of gold, there?

There Was A Village Called

Once Upon A Time...

Road to the village

Aldeanueva De Ebro

View of the Village of the three lies

Far far Away….

Distant view of the village of the three lies

Once Upon A Time, There was a…

Opening scene of the film….

Hermosos Depositos 2

Original lens profile no distortion corrections

Hermosos Depositos 1

La Poda

Fog Over Aldeanueva

Niebla en Viña Herminia

Early morning fog over viniard, before workers show up to trim the vines.

La Concha

Panoramic view of San Sebastian beach

Stork Delivery….

Going Down...Again!

This image is one frame from a Timelapse sequence in a film I made about this winery in Spain. You can see the image in motion here: Spiral Staircase at Viña Herminia in La Rioja Spain

Ausejo, La Rioja

December 31st, a night when people stay home. I was out shooting stars...;-)

Sunset over the Village With Three Lies

Image extracted from a Timelapse sequence. Sunset over the village of theee lies in La Rioja, Spain

Super Moon

Super moon of 2013 seen over Aldeanueva de Ebro, in La Rioja, Spain

Cemetery 2

Cemetery 3

Cemetery 1